Hi there, I am Artist Nada Meeks, Mix Medium Illustrator & 
Fantasy Photographer. With a B.F.A. in Illustration I have been a freelance artist since 2003 . 

Well, this is my current collection 'Honey Inkz' my anime inspired character design and a touch of fan art. I blame this style completely on a group of teens who begged for an anime club to which the other adults said "what's anime?"and I said "lets find out." Only to find that wouldn't you know it I got hooked on it too.

So much so, that I have 5 sketch books full of characters and a sixth one ready to go. I have broken them up into smaller sets that comprise the whole collection: Honey Boys, Angel Boys, Handsome Devils, Demon Rose & Bright Witches . These sets contain coloring pages and finished pieces. 

If you would like to receive downloadable coloring pages & post cards become a patron and help me get these collections published. 

Thanks for visiting C U Online !

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